Here Are the Raffle Calendar Winners
  Sunday 12-1-2019                                                              Monday 12-9-2019
  Francis      Sold by Abbigail Bombigade                           Pino Cerro Sold by Amelia Botting
  Monday 12-2-2019                                                            Tuesday 12-10-2019
  Jennifer Evans    Sold by Serenity Fitzgerald         Anne Brochu Sold by the Ostrov/ Cleary Family
  Tuesday 12-3-2019                                                           Wednesday 12-11-2019
  Barney sold by Willow                                                     Kathy Golden sold by Jackie Golden
  Wednesday 12-4-2019                                                       Thursday 12-12-2019
  Liza Rousmaniere sold by the Ostrov/ Cleary Family       Leah Carlisle sold by Chris Timbas
  Thursday 12-5-2019                                                           Friday 12-13-2019
  Judith Tyme sold by Camille Mc.                                      Michelle French sold by Owen French 
  Friday 12-6-2019                                                                Saturday 12-14-2019
  Stacy Tolbierre sold by Stacy Tolbierre                             Jackie Golden Sold by the Golden Family
  Saturday 12-7-2019                                                            Sunday 12-15-2019
  Frank Sheridan Sold by Brayden Sheridan                        Vanessa Fyler Sold by the Gillis Family  
  Sunday 12-8-2019                                                               Monday 12-16-2019
  Cathy Fyler Sold by Michael amd Isabelle Vasquez           Juan Body sold by Noah Leveron
  Stay Tuned More prized to come and announcements of who sold the most!!!!!!!!!!
  Thank You all!!