In 2007, Little Voices opened its doors to 39 Children of working families in and around the Boston area and quickly became the face of change in the field of Early Education and Care.

Since then, Little Voices has emerged as a leader in childcare, providing programming that is as unique as each child in our care.

Taking Boston’s southside by storm, LV is a leader in delivering high quality Education and Care to the City’s youngest children by promoting language literacy, Social /emotional development and relationship building.

2007 seems like a long time ago. Currently Little Voices serves our youngest and most vulnerable population, including children with multiple special needs.

We also serve children and families of children who are out of school during vacations and summer.

Currently we are serving 152 children and families in and around the Boston area with 50% of our population being subsidized by the state.

Little Voices Leadership has developed and achieved:

-Developed Programming for 20 Infants and Toddlers

-Developed Programming for 40 Preschoolers including a new site at the Hyde Park Community Center

-Developed Programming for 100 Afterschool Children within 3 sites including The Roosevelt Elementary School, The Channing Elementary School and The Hyde Park Community Center.

-Achieved National Accreditation by the National Association For the Education Of Young Children. NEAYC Accreditation is the Gold Standard for Early Childhood Programs in the United States.

-Became a program who accepted children and families who were asked to leave other programs and were successful with them through relationship building.

-Partnered with UMass Boston

-Partnered with Curry college and local highschools to provide internships for students

-Partnered with ABCD to give at risk youth opportunities at summer jobs

- Partnered with the Jewish Rehabilitation Center to provide multi-generational opportunities

-Participates in the Week of the Young Child Activities to promote quality Early Education programs for children

-Developed an incentive programs for Staff to earn degrees and ensure quality in teaching

-Develop Staff opportunities for self care

-Held multiple babysitting nights and community events to promote community awareness and engagement


We partner with the Hyde Park Community Center, Boston Public Schools, Home for Little Wanderers, Early Intervention Services, many local businesses and many other agencies across the City of Boston!!


It has been a busy twelve years.


Little Voices is a Building Block for Communities by Providing Quality Early Education and Care for all Children and Families.

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