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Little Voices is a building block for communities by providing quality Early Education and Care for all children and families.

Little Voices has partnered with the Hyde Park Community Center, The Roosevelt Elementary School, the Channing Elementary School and Kipp Academy to provide learning experiences for children ages 3 months to 12 years old! 

Little Voices has partnered with Boston Public Schools to provide free K-1 programming at the Hyde Park Community Center in our UPK Program. If interested please contact us.

Little Voices has partnered with the Hyde Park Community Center to provide  learning opportunities for local students up to and including grade 5.


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´╗┐Building relationships is the cornerstone of a great beginning. Little Voices programming is built on the premiss that strong relationships are important in the development of children. Being successful in life depends on it.  

Covid-19 has brought many challenges. Together we are stronger. Recent  learning and our partnerships truly shows how it takes a village....

As our partnerships continue to grow, Little Voices takes on new adventures!!

Infants and Toddlers continue to see the world with wonder and every new experience is exciting. They bring what is right in the world into perspective. Little Voices ensures safety protocols are in place in all programs while learning opportunities are constantly emerging!!





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Little Voices is a Building Block for Communities by Providing Quality Early Education and Care for all Children and Families.

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