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Health Care Policy
In case of a medical emergency please use the telephone numbers enclosed which are also located next to each telephone on each floor.

Mildly Ill Children

If a child gets sick while at school, the parent will be notified and the child will be isolated until the parent arranges for pickup.

If the child needs emergency medical treatment, the child will be transported by ambulance to the emergency room listed on the registration form only after a parent or emergency contact is located. If no one listed can be reached, the director will make the decision to transport the child. The director will go with the child if transported. If the child is on a field trip, the teacher will notify the director, who will meet the group or the teacher will take care of having the child transported ensuring the safety of all children first.

Maintaining First Aid Supplies

First aid box will be stored next to each phone in the building. Supplies will be checked monthly to ensure everything needed is kept up to date. A log of checks will be available for initialing. Each lead teacher will check or be responsible for making sure First aid kits are properly maintained. First aid kits and emergency contact list will be available for field trips.
Tooth Brushing
Children are encouraged to brush their teeth twice daily, after breakfast and lunch. They will be supplied with appropriate toothbrushes and toothpaste or one can be supplied from home. A signed permission slip needs to be signed by the parent in order for the child to participate. If a parent chooses to disallow toothbrushing, a letter must be submitted stating the reason why.


In case of fire, the children will be filed out of the building by their designated exit to the adjacent yard to the left. Parents will be notified and teachers will stay with their group until all children have been picked up.

In case of an emergency of disastrous proportions, the children will be filed out to the adjacent yard to the left and accompanied by the director. Together they will walk to the Polce Academy on Williams Avenue.

Dispensing Medication

All medication needs to be in it^s original packaging with the doctor^s instructions clearly stated. A parent^s permission slip located by each door will be filled out and signed by the parent. Teacher will dispense medication as per doctor^s order and parent^s request. Teacher will then log time, date and amount of medication on the log located in the classroom.

Individual Health Care Needs

All children have individual needs and some children are young and needs are developing. All children with individual health needs will be monitored and directions followed as described above. Children who develop issues such as allergies will be monitored closely. Children will be under constant supervision especially while eating to ensure their health and safety. If anything changes in their health throughout the day, the parent will be notified and the child closely watched. If medical attention is necessary, the parent will take the child to the doctor. If the situation becomes an emergency, an ambulance will be called and the emergency regulations will follow. All foods or chemicals etc. causing the allergy will be stored outside the classroom and away from the child.

Child Abuse and Neglect

All children will be protected from abuse and Neglect while enrolled at Little Voices.

All staff members are mandated reporters of abuse and neglect. If abuse or neglect is suspected the teacher will make at least one written observation and notify the director immediately. The director and teacher will file a report of suspected abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services.

The Director will notify the Office of Early Education and Care after filing a 51A. Little Voices will cooperate with any and all investigations of abuse or neglect including identifying parents currently or previously enrolled: providing consent for disclosure to the Office of information from, and allowing the Office to disclose information to, any person and/ or agency the Office may specify as necessary to prompt investigations of allegations and protection of children. Failure to cooperate may be grounds for suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue or renew a license.

In the event the staff member is in question, he/she will immediately be given a leave of absence until a full investigation has taken place. Any staff member abusing a child physically or verbally will be dismissed. In the event of physical abuse, the police will be notified.

Protection from injury

Little Voices shall protect children from injury. The environment shall be monitored daily to remove or repair any hazards which may cause injury.

No smoking is allowed on the premises while children are in attendance.

All toxic substances, plants, medications sharp objects, matches or other harmful objects will be stored out of reach of children in a secure place.

An injury report for any incident which requires first aid or emergency care will be maintained in the child's file. The injury report shall include , but is not limited to: the name of the child, date, time of incident, location of accident, description of injury, how it occurred, names of witnesses and name of person who administered first aid or medical care.

There will also be a central log kept in the director's office to periodically monitor the program's safety record.

Infectious Disease

All children get sick from time to time. All precautions will be taken to keep the environment and the children healthy. A solution of bleach and water is used on all surfaces as well as on toys. Any mouthed toys are immediately taken from circulation and replaced when sterilized. The following is a guide to follow if children get sick:

If a child has a fever, he/she can return to the program when the child shows no signs of a fever for 24 hours without the aid of a fever reducer.

If a child is vomiting or has diarrhea, the child can return to the program when he/she shows no signs of vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.

Bacterial infections require 24 hours of antibiotic before returning to school.

Unidentifiable rashes require a doctor's attention before returning to school.

Head Lice must be treated and child must be nit free and checked by the Director before re-entering the classroom.

Conjunctivitis must be checked by a doctor and treated with anti-biotic ointment for 24 hours before returning to school.

Any reportable illness will be reported to the appropriate agency immediately.

Children, who become sick at school during the day, will be isolated from the other children at the discretion of the teacher until a parent arrives.

Parents will be notified of a child's illness and required to arrange for the child to be picked up from the program.

NOTE: Tylenol and Motrin only mask a fever or an illness and when the medicine wears off, the child is usually worse. It is recommended if a child needs these medications for something other than teething pain, the child should stay home.

In Case of a medical emergency, the parent will be notified and the child will be taken to the emergency room of the parent's choice.

If the parent cannot be reached the child will be brought to the emergency room listed on the registration form.